Automotive and aerospace quality excellence being transferred to other manufacturing sectors

  • More than 25 years of automotive and aerospace quality excellence now available to a range of manufacturing sectors
  • G&P’s diversification drive aims to help other manufacturers maintain quality standards while dealing with the long-term impact of COVID-19 on working practices
  • Last year alone G&P reworked more than 27 million parts for its customers to OEM standard

Manufacturers in the rail, marine, defence and household good sectors can now benefit from more than 25 years of automotive and aerospace quality excellence as G&P is undergoing a proactive diversification drive across adjacent sectors.

These industries face many similar issues throughout the product lifecycle, not least more recently due to the profound and unforeseen impact of the pandemic on working practices, meaning robust quality protocols can pay dividends in increased efficiency and reduced production costs.

Indeed, these other sectors are well placed to benefit from G&P’s automotive and aerospace quality management expertise as its procedures and skillset are readily transferable to other industries.

And the importance of having stringent quality management procedures in place, especially at a time of uncertainty, were recently highlighted by a significant increase in the number parts reworked by G&P in 2020 to OEM standard, more than 27 million components which represented a 73 per cent increase compared to the previous four-year average.

It was evidence that manufacturers faced an upheaval to working practices, including interruptions to supply chains, different shift patterns, remote working, social distancing and travel restrictions, factors which are likely to affect the manufacturing sector for a considerable time yet.

Geoff Cousins, chairman at G&P, said: “G&P’s many years of automotive and aerospace quality management expertise was underlined in 2020 when it was really needed and there were positive lessons learnt such as the ability to react quickly and effectively when faced with unprecedented circumstances.

“This wealth of knowledge can now benefit other industries, such as the rail, marine, defence and household goods sectors.”

Founded in 1994, UK-based G&P now has a global presence, operating in more than 100 manufacturing facilities around the world. It has completed more than 120,000 quality management projects for its customers.

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