Innovative overseas operation maintains manufacturing quality standards and drives down costs

  • A renowned European manufacturing supplier is maintaining quality standards and reducing costs thanks to G&P
  • G&P’s ‘extended workbench’ solution effectively creates one team between the customer and G&P’s own personnel
  • Such has been the success that G&P has opened an additional facility in central Europe to provide the same solution to other customers

A renowned European manufacturing supplier is maintaining quality standards while also making circa 60 per cent cost saving through the deployment of an innovative ‘extended workbench’ solution, developed by quality management expert G&P.

Central to the success of the operation is the ability to promote best working practice through close teamwork of the supplier’s personnel and G&P’s team members, effectively making them one team.

Meanwhile, logistically an off-site operation was established by G&P for the inspection and rework of components, primarily for use in the automotive sector, to ensure they met the correct quality standards. The savings far more than offset any additional logistics costs.

Geoff Cousins, chairman at G&P, said: “G&P has successfully been providing its extended workbench solution for the central European customer through an open and transparent operation with targeted KPIs to drive performance, which remains ongoing today.

“The result for the customer is that quality standards are maintained, efficiency is increased, costs are reduced and its reputation is protected.”

G&P’s off-site facility itself on behalf of the customer housed 90 work stations for inspection and rework, while G&P also handled all the human resource requirements in line with the customer volume demands.

Cousins added: “G&P, in essence, became the customer’s team through our extended workbench solution. It was not G&P and the customer – it was one team.

“Such has been the success that we have subsequently opened an additional facility in central Europe to implement the same solution for other customers.”

Founded in 1994, UK-based G&P now has a global presence, operating in more than 100 manufacturing facilities around the world. It has completed more than 120,000 quality management projects for its customers.

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