Quality management experts receive record demand for vehicle technicians

  • G&P’s vehicle technicians in greater demand than ever before
  • Service provides OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with higher levels of workforce flexibility
  • Increased demand resulting from electric vehicle development and build phases

Leading quality management services provider, G&P, has reported a record level of demand for its skilled vehicle technician services as vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers prepare for a host of prototype development programmes and new vehicle launches in 2024.

The technicians and the services they provide through G&P, give vehicle manufacturers increased levels of workforce flexibility, while also helping them reduce their manufacturing risks during peak periods of activity.

“As vehicle manufacturers make the transition to production of 100 per cent electric vehicles, many are going through the critical prototype vehicle development and launch phases,” explains Simon Francis, Group Quality Director at G&P. “As a result of maturing parts and process development, these periods are typically the most troublesome from a quality management perspective so it’s understandable that we are experiencing record demand for our highly skilled and much sought after vehicle technicians.”

To service the increased demand from automotive manufacturers, G&P has significantly boosted the number of vehicle technicians on its books in recent months. Indeed, today the company has access to over a third more technicians than it did just 12 months ago with those having experience of electric vehicles or batteries in particularly high demand.

“While electrification of the vehicle parc remains the dominant trend in the industry, niche manufacturers, especially those of high-performance vehicles are also frequent users of our vehicle technician services,” adds Francis. “For these manufacturers, flexibility of a highly skilled workforce is perhaps even more important as they may have a lower number of in-house technicians and quality levels are of utmost importance for their customers. Therefore, when entering a prototype build phase or ramping up production, any staffing challenges are accentuated.”

Vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers looking to improve their quality levels through G&P’s vehicle technician services can find out more by visiting www.gpqm.com.

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